Since its founding in the 1800s, Rabobank has been dedicated to fueling the evolution of all Food & Agribusiness sectors through innovation. Driven by our global Banking for Food strategy, Rabobank brings its financing capabilities, deep industry knowledge and vast networks of innovators large and small together with investors, corporates, academic and public institutions to support the vibrant innovation ecosystem in this space. From our annual Rabobank North America Leadership Awards which recognizes a remarkable Emerging Leader in Innovation, to our flagship Startup Innovation programs under our FoodBytes! brand, we believe North America is at the center of F&A innovation.

Today, more than ever, the pace of transformation fueled by innovation in food and agribusiness demands a sharp lens on new technologies and consumer behavioral shifts. Rabobank proudly offers our clients engagement with our flagship platform, FoodBytes!, and its distinct pitch and pilot programs. FoodBytes! is the discovery and engagement platform that champions cross-industry connection and collaboration between forward-thinking startups and industry leaders in the food and agriculture industry.


Foodbytes! pitch & pilot innovation


Pitch program

The FoodBytes! Pitch program is a digital and physical discovery program that connects the best and brightest startups with corporates and investors, through structured mentor sessions, one-on-one investor meetings and corporate introductions, culminating in a pitch event.

Pilot program

The FoodBytes! Pilot program is a tailored corporate-led collaboration program that pairs industry leaders with emerging companies through structured pilots. Together, they tackle a specific goal or industry challenge over a 6-9 month period.

320 Startup relationships
$314M Raised by alumni
61 Successful pilot engagements with clients