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Rabobank Wholesale Banking Products & Services

Corporate Finance Advisory

Corporate Finance Advisory (CFA) serves Rabobank’s clients by sharing knowledge, connecting networks, developing strategic dialogues, recommending solutions and providing M&A advisory products & services on the execution of event-related transactions. CFA consists of our sector banking, sponsor coverage and M&A teams and works in close collaboration with our debt and equity capital markets, capital structuring and corporate risk and treasury management (CRTM) teams.

Sector Banking

Our Sector banking team supports strategic discussions with clients, providing tailored advice and exclusive insights on the sector around the ‘WHY’ and ‘WHAT’ of key strategic moves centered around our clients’ requirements. The global team is uniquely positioned to drive such discussions by combining detailed knowledge and analysis around sector, shareholder, competitor and peer perspectives.

Sponsor Coverage

Our Sponsor Coverage team creates partnerships and drives value for financial sponsors. Sponsor Coverage originates, develops and institutionalizes Rabobank’s relationships with leading financial sponsors. By nature, the team is collaborative, commercial, constructive and consistent: we coordinate with product and client groups to leverage our colleagues’ knowledge, insights and relationships together with our own to best-position Rabobank to deliver tailored, remunerative solutions to financial sponsors and their portfolio companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Over 90 M&A experts serve Rabobank clients worldwide, providing extensive cross-border execution capabilities with a local presence in all major geographies. Our team is fully equipped to advise clients in both buy-side and sell-side transactions ranging from public auctions to tailored one-on-one situations.​

Financial Advisory & Solutions

Our FAS team provides advice on capital structure, ratings impact, scenario analysis and more to help clients analyze the immediate and expected results of M&A activities or major expansion capital expenditures. Our FAS team also structures and provides junior capital (2nd lien, mezzanine, preferred stock) solutions to supplement other financings options.​

Equity Private Placements

The Rabobank Equity Private Placement team helps innovative emerging food and agribusiness companies accelerate business growth by advising on raising essential capital from financial and strategic investors.

Equity Capital Markets

Our Equity Capital Markets specialists originate, structure and execute equity and equity-linked issues, such as initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, block trades, convertible bond offerings, share buybacks and other types of equity advisory.​

Corporate & Leveraged Lending

Rabobank’s Corporate and Leveraged Lending products & services support our large commercial and private equity clients, providing a host of financing solutions to the sectors we serve. With deep knowledge across the food and agribusiness, commodities and energy sectors, the team aims for unmatched excellence in meeting clients’ critical needs related to working capital, fixed assets and event-driven financing. We benefit from a worldwide network, with Rabobank being active in 37 countries.

Corporate Lending

Rabobank’s Core Lending Group offerings represent the full suite of credit products for our large commercial clients, including long and short-term loans and revolving credit facilities designed to meet the specific funding requirements of your business.

Leveraged Lending

Rabobank’s Leveraged Lending team works with financial sponsors and private equity firms in the origination, structuring, execution, and management of event-driven financings. In tandem with our M&A, Sponsor Coverage and Capital Markets groups, we work with top-tier financial sponsors throughout the merger and acquisition process to provide optimal debt structures and syndication services to support our clients’ ambitions. Rabobank’s long-term approach is reflected by our many ‘final hold’ positions, where we hold to maturity significant amounts of the debt issued by clients.

Renewable Energy Project Finance

Rabobank is a leader in driving sustainable investments in tomorrow’s energy system. For more than 20 years, Rabobank’s global Renewable Energy Project Finance team has focused on advising, structuring, arranging and underwriting complex project finance transactions.

We offer innovative structures that are tailor-made for primarily renewable energy, but also for F&A projects. Renewable energy projects include wind, solar, battery storage, geothermal, fuel cells, waste-to-energy, waste-to-value and energy efficiency. To support the successful realization of these projects, Rabobank offers construction, project-level and back-leveraged term debt, bridge financing, equipment supply loans, portfolio or HoldCo facilities as well as ancillary services including interest rate hedging and letters of credit supported by the bank’s expertise and strong credit rating.

Rabobank has a long track record in financing energy transition projects globally, with a large footprint in North America, Europe and Asia.

Trade & Commodity Finance

Rabobank’s award-winning Trade & Commodity Finance (TCF) team provides short-to medium- term working capital financing solutions for domestic and international companies involved in the trading of physical commodities globally in the energy, metals and agricultural sectors. Spanning multiple continents, our global network of experts work closely with clients on advising, structuring and arranging working capital facilities in addition to providing other bank products such as capital markets, markets hedging, and value chain financing.


Markets sits within Rabobank’s Wholesale Banking division.  It provides debt financing (accessing the public bond, syndicated loan and private debt markets) and risk management solutions (interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities) for our global clients, other financial institutions and the bank itself. Markets is also a pioneer in sustainable financing and is a founding member of Green Bond Principles. We operate globally from locations based in New York, London, Utrecht,  Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, St Louis and Sydney.

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets team works closely with our clients in the corporate, private equity, financial institution and public sectors, helping them to access the public and private debt markets. Financing solutions include syndicated loans, public bond issuance, rating advisory, securitisation and other tailored and structured solutions. Our clients and other financial institutions see us as a key partner in syndications given our strong track record and sector focus. We have dedicated teams providing specialist support to our clients, whether their requirement relates to refinancing, acquisition funding, restructuring of existing debt, raising funding from different parts of the debt capital markets.

Corporate Risk & Treasury Management

Our Corporate Risk & Treasury Management (CRTM) team offers high-quality, competitively priced risk management solutions to our clients to mitigate their interest rate and currency risks. We have a dedicated commodity sales team which helps clients manage their commodity price risks. The teams provide market access 24 hours a day via phone and electronic platforms, serving as a bridge between our clients and the financial markets via our trading department.

In addition to specialized services linked to our knowledge of commodities and Food & Agribusiness, we also offer solutions to support event driven transactions.

Short Term Interest Rates (STIR)

The Short-Term Interest Rate Trading (STIR) desk is a 24-hour franchise covering instruments ranging from FX, CP, FRN, T-Bills, IRS, FRAs, and Repos with hubs based in New York, London, Utrecht, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, and Sydney.

The global team consists of 27 money market sales and trading specialists across the regions and our superior performance in short-term markets makes the desk annual winners of money market awards across a variety of Money Market League Tables, ranking first in many of them by impressive margins.

Value Chain Finance

Our global Value Chain Finance (VCF) team offers flexible working capital solutions and other structured lending solutions across receivables, inventory and payables, providing solutions throughout the entire working capital chain under one integrated facility or alternatively through a bespoke facility that is custom tailored to your company’s operating footprint.


Receivables Finance offers tailored solutions to accelerate the cash conversion cycle in your receivables portfolio (short or long-term), to offer portfolio/exposure management for customer concentrations, and to enable non-recourse or limited recourse financings/purchases. Such a programme enables your company to accelerate its access to the capital required to fuel the growth of your business.

Rabobank offers a range of solutions to organise the financing or purchase of receivables. We base our solutions on your specific business characteristics and international footprint, whether your company has a concentrated customer base or thousands of debtors/customers. Our product suite includes individual receivables monetisation, factoring type solutions, receivables portfolio-based financing and securitisations. Our facilities offer access to funding via Rabobank’s balance sheet or through the capital markets via an asset-backed commercial paper programme that is sponsored and backstopped by Rabobank.


Supplier Finance enables our clients to offer their suppliers an alternative and competitive source of financing. Such a programme enables our clients to offer their suppliers the opportunity to receive payment earlier, than the contractually agreed term, from Rabobank that is financed at a discount. This discount is typically lower than their cost of capital. When the invoice matures, the full invoice amount is paid to Rabobank at no further cost.

Supplier Finance offers our clients with the opportunity to strengthen their supplier relationships while ensuring security in their supply chain.

Our solution is fully-automated with no manual document handling. By connecting Rabobank’s proprietary platform to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, our clients can limit any administrative burden on their treasury staff.


Inventory is at the core of any business. With our Inventory Finance solution, we provide ownership-based financing solutions, as an alternative to regular financing, and provide you with the necessary tool to manage your liquidity and/or inventory levels.