Rabobank’s markets analysts, who are consistently recognized for their leading forecasting insights, were ranked among the best for 2019 by Bloomberg and Reuters.

For the second year in a row, Senior Market Strategist Jane Foley was awarded the Refinitiv StarMine Award for Most Accurate Forecasting in Reuters Polls and was named the G10 FX Forecaster of the Year by FX Week.

Christian Lawrence, a senior market strategist in Rabobank North American Wholesale’s New York office, and Ryan Fitzmaurice, Rabobank’s New York-based energy strategist, also earned high Bloomberg rankings in their respective areas of expertise in 2019. 

Rabobank topped Bloomberg’s list of most accurate forecasters for 2019, and is continuing that momentum in Q1 2020 with Jane Foley earning the number 1 ranking for G10 FX currencies, Piotr Matys taking second in the EMEA category and Christian Lawrence, Hugo Erken and Raphie Hayat scoring high for EM currencies.

The team has now maintained a top 10 position in Bloomberg’s FX majors rankings for the past 11 quarters.

Congratulations to our outstanding analysts!

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