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Rabobank Wholesale Banking is a premier corporate and institutional bank to the food, agribusiness, commodities and renewable energy industries, providing sector expertise, strategic advisory and tailored financial solutions to our clients.

Our Clients

Rabobank’s team of experienced bankers and analysts offer specialized financial services and advisory for our clients in the food & agribusiness, commodities and energy sectors. We bring to all client relationships a compelling combination of deep industry expertise, insightful strategic counsel, and customized financial solutions.

Advisory Services & Products


Corporate Lending

Rabobank offers the full spectrum of corporate loan solutions, including acquisitions and event financing, working capital facilities, letters of credit, leasing and backstop liquidity facilities.

Trade & Commodity Finance

Our award winning TCF team provides a wide range of products related to the trading of physical commodities, including short- to medium-term credit facilities, self-liquidating transactional facilities, borrowing base facilities, and trade finance.

Renewable Energy Financing

We provide non-or limited-recourse financing to sponsors in the wind, solar and bioenergy sectors, which are covered by our Project Finance team in the Americas, based in New York.  We can also advise corporate clients on effective ways to meet their sustainability goals through the purchase or ownership of renewable energy.

Acquisition Finance

Rabobank is active in the origination, structuring, execution and management of event-driven financings involving a financial sponsor. Our AF team creates tailor-made solutions to support our clients’ ambitions.


Mergers & Acquisitions

The M&A group provides advisory services, focusing on buy and sell side transactions for corporate clients and financial sponsors in the F&A space. Our team is organized globally around sectors within F&A, allowing for deep knowledge-based strategic dialogue and idea generation for our clients.

Financial Advisory & Solutions

FAS is our center of financial innovation. It provides both capital structuring advisory services, including pro forma capital structure analysis, peer evaluation and ratings advisory services, and bespoke, structured corporate finance solutions to help clients efficiently optimize their capital structure and maximize shareholder value. The business aims to provide superior solutions through continuous development and innovation in areas such as balance sheet and capital management, risk management, strategic minority investing, corporate venture investing and other custom solutions.


RaboResearch is a global leader in preeminent, insights generation and provider of research, analytics, and bespoke client services in food and agribusiness, commodities and financial markets.

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We bring our financing capabilities, deep industry knowledge and vast networks of innovators large and small together with investors and corporates.

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Capital Markets

We offer a wide range of capital raising solutions in the public and private debt and equity markets, including syndicated loans, private placements, high grade and high yield bonds, and common and preferred equity. Our Capital Markets team is organized globally and is integrated across origination, syndicate, sales and trading to provide the best execution for our clients.

Risk Management

We offer the full slate of interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity derivatives solutions in support of the risk management activities of our clients. This activity is supported by a globally-integrated team of sales, trading and research professionals in order to deliver the best advice and solutions to our clients.

Structured Solutions

Asset-Based Finance

We offer a wide range of structured solutions related to securitized asset-based lending, receivables purchase financing, inventory finance, portfolio finance and supplier finance. Our ABF team focuses on the integrated provision of these solutions and transaction support on a standardized basis where possible.

Recent Press

U.S. Agriculture Taking a Toll From China

Rabobank Senior Grains & Oilseeds Analyst Stephen Nicholson appeared on CNBC’s Nightly Business Report to explain how the escalating trade war with China is affecting U.S. farmers. The announcement that China is suspending all U.S. agricultural imports is going to put a lot more downward pressure on prices going forward, he says. While government subsidies will help, it will not make up for the loss of a whole market.

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Everything We Know About The “Fake Guacamole” Scare

The recent spike in avocado prices is due to a variety of market factors, reports Quartz. “We have the highest or the strongest demand for avocados in the US, probably ever. At the same time, production of avocados has been down,” said Rabobank Senior Analyst David Magana.

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Avocado Prices In Canada Are Out Of Control & Won’t Be Going Down Any Time Soon

Avocado prices in Canada have risen from about $1 each to $2 each. Lower supply from California and Mexico and higher demand are contributing to the price hike, explains Rabobank Senior Analyst David Magana. The shortage in California avocados was mostly due to hotter and dryer weather, which greatly impacted crop blooming, causing yields to be lower, he says.

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Restaurants Are Turning To Faux-Guacamole Due To High Avocado Prices

Last year’s California heat wave delayed blooming for avocado crops, resulting in fewer Californian avocados available, explains Senior Analyst David Magana. “It started later than normal, and yields were lower this year,” he says, adding that Mexican avocados were able to fill the void, though those supplies are now running low as well.

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