Value Chain Finance

Value Chain Finance

Our global Value Chain Finance (VCF) team offers flexible working capital solutions and other structured lending solutions across receivables, inventory and payables, providing solutions throughout the entire working capital chain under one integrated facility or alternatively through a bespoke facility that is custom tailored to your company’s operating footprint.


Inventory is at the core of any business. With our Inventory Finance solution, we provide ownership-based financing solutions, as an alternative to regular financing, and provide you with the necessary tool to manage your liquidity and/or inventory levels. 


Supplier Finance enables our clients to offer their suppliers an alternative and competitive source of financing. Such a programme enables our clients to offer their suppliers the opportunity to receive payment earlier, than the contractually agreed term, from Rabobank that is financed at a discount. This discount is typically lower than their cost of capital. When the invoice matures, the full invoice amount is paid to Rabobank at no further cost.

Supplier Finance offers our clients with the opportunity to strengthen their supplier relationships while ensuring security in their supply chain.

Our solution is fully-automated with no manual document handling. By connecting Rabobank’s proprietary platform to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, our clients can limit any administrative burden on their treasury staff.


Receivables Finance offers tailored solutions to accelerate the cash conversion cycle in your receivables portfolio (short or long-term), to offer portfolio/exposure management for customer concentrations, and to enable non-recourse or limited recourse financings/purchases. Such a programme enables your company to accelerate its access to the capital required to fuel the growth of your business.

Rabobank offers a range of solutions to organise the financing or purchase of receivables. We base our solutions on your specific business characteristics and international footprint, whether your company has a concentrated customer base or thousands of debtors/customers. Our product suite includes individual receivables monetisation, factoring type solutions, receivables portfolio-based financing and securitisations. Our facilities offer access to funding via Rabobank’s balance sheet or through the capital markets via an asset-backed commercial paper programme that is sponsored and backstopped by Rabobank.