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Rabobank North America Leadership Awards

Rabobank North America annually recognizes organizations that demonstrate remarkable industry stewardship, sustainability, and innovation within the Food and Agriculture (F&A) industry. There are three awards, one overarching Excellence in Food and Ag Leadership award for an exceptional company making large-scale impact in F&A, as well as awards for an Emerging Leadership in Innovation and Leadership in Sustainability.

Award Categories

Excellence in Food and Ag Leadership (2019 Nominations are closed)

The overarching Rabobank Award for Excellence in Food and Ag Leadership recognizes a large-scale market leader that has demonstrated great and lasting impact in its sector. The winner will have:

  • Achieved significant success as a leader in building, rejuvenating or expanding a business in the food, agribusiness or beverage sectors;
  • Taken responsibility for environmental and social wellbeing, shared values for business and society, good corporate citizenship and an excellent track record in social commitments;
  • Been recognized and set standards of excellence within the industry;
  • Demonstrated strong financial performance

The 2016 Rabobank Award for Leadership & Excellence was awarded to AGCO, for its central role in supplying sustainable and inclusive agricultural machines, boosting the world’s agricultural productivity and increasing access to the global food system.

Leadership in Sustainability (2019 Nominations are closed)

The Rabobank Leadership in Sustainability Award recognizes an organization that has achieved unique strides towards business, environmental, social and governance sustainability. The winner will have:

  • Developed programs and/or initiatives aimed at improving business, environmental, social and governance sustainability;
  • Demonstrated alignment between sustainability strategy and core business priorities; defined and clearly communicated sustainability guidelines and commitments;
  • Been a model corporate citizen and demonstrated social commitments;
  • Demonstrated strong financial performance

MidwesternBioAg received the 2016 Rabobank Leader in Sustainability Award, for helping larger partners reduce their climate impacts, with technology to track nutrient efficiency, innovative fertilizers, and soil health.

Emerging Leadership in Innovation (2019 Nominations are closed)

The Rabobank Emerging Leadership in Innovation Award recognizes a fast-growing young company that addresses issues in the food and agribusiness space in a new and innovative way. The winner will have:

  • Operated in the industry for 10 years or less;
  • Demonstrated a distinct innovation in the food and agriculture supply chain and/or offered a new choice, value, and convenience to customers;
  • Demonstrated good corporate citizenship;
  • Demonstrated strong financial performance/investor interest and potential for market expansion

The 2016 Rabobank Emerging Leader in Innovation Award winner, BluWrap, develops packaging that extends the shelf life of fresh protein, thereby revolutionizing fresh protein supply chains worldwide.

Leadership & Excellence:
McCormick & Company

Leader in Sustainability:
Clif Bar & Company

Emerging Leader in Innovation:
Apeel Sciences

2017 Leadership Award Winners

Leadership & Excellence: Bon Appétit Management Company
Leader in SustainabilityNature’s Path Foods
Emerging Leader in Innovation: MycoTechnology

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2016 Leadership Award Winners

Leadership & Excellence: AGCO
Leader in Sustainability: Midwestern BioAg
Emerging Leader in Innovation: BluWrap